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 Our fully mobile service operates 7 days a week for your convenience, to suit you and fit around a busy schedule! Our aim is to make your life easier by bringing our engine cleaning services to your door.

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes

Suitable for any petrol or diesel engine, our mobile engine carbon cleaning service can benefit all types of vehicles including cars, vans, motorhomes, trade vehicles, motorcycles and many more.

Why have my engine cleaned?

Engine Carbon Cleaning can benefit vehicles in a variety of ways, from increased power responsiveness and engine, to reduced petrol/diesel costs and lower emissions.


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Monday: 9am – 8pm
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Carbon Cleaning, What’s The Story?
The Engine of any vehicle is probably the most critical component that must
function correctly on any given day. Carbon deposited from fuel is like
cholesterol build up in the arteries of a human, causing serious problems over
In a carbon deposited engine, fuel and air flows incorrectly (reducing over
time) through the system, making the engine function incorrectly,
uneconomically and damaging essential engine components.
Carbon Cleaning is essential for resolving a number of engine issues & faults
that are either hard to track or pin point. Carbon cleaning the vehicle’s engine
(as part of a regular service and check‐up) ensures the health & wellness of
engine and the rest of vehicle’s internal systems (that depend on the engine to
function correctly). A Carbon clean helps avoid expensive repairs and/or
emission test failures. The removal of carbon has a lowering effect
on emissions produced from the vehicle/engine and is especially noticeable in
diesel engines.
Carbon cleaning is one of the simplest & effective ways of reducing dangerous
carbon emissions (and green houses gases) being emitted from UK vehicles
and at the same time, saving the motorist money with the added benefit of a
better driving experience.

Deep Cleaning of Engine & Components
The H20 Power’s Engine Rejuvenator Carbon Cleaners help target
& remove harmful carbon build‐up that deposit inside the engine over time.
The benefits are immediate, noticeable & long lasting:
287-200More Responsive engine
287-200Lower Emissions emitted
287-200Fuel Savings
287-200Smoother Performance
287-200Restored Power
287-200Less Vibrations
287-200Restored Torque
Our carbon cleaners target critical parts & components of the engine, but also
target additional vital components that are part of the vehicle which also have
carbon built up over time.They include:
287-200Injectors & Sparks
287-200The EGR Valve
287-200The Turbo
287-200The Exhaust Manifold
287-200The Catalytic Converters
287-200The Oxygen Sensors

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